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Though the years, most IPF Patents / Copyrights have been created with an IPF that contained all media and their hashes.  This is because most were patents or other intellectual property and the developer wanted limited access to the media.  For public media like current NFTs, it is better to make media like images, audio, and video as a bitcoin IPF -> NFT and then include them in an attribute IPF later, if you want to sell them or transfer them.  This gives you control of individual assets like the model of a character.  It also gives you control to sell parts or copies of the IPF during the transfer.

This is the SECOND video that IS the IPF. The IPF Key ADDRESS in both the blockchain OP_RETURN and the Video ties the real-world asset to the blockchain transaction.

Bitcoin Transaction


The Intellectual Property File IPF is ipfVideo2.mp4 (Name not important).



SHA-256 Checksum for this video should be




The Hash in the OP_RETURN has the Hex of HlyGrail (486c79477261696c) prepended.

If you remove 486c79477261696c from the front of the OP_RETURN, the remainder should match the hash of the video.

There is no separate IPF because the video is the IPF. This is technically a NFT of today’s market but with security IN the media. If someone tries to copy the video, they will copy the ownership verified on the blockchain. If they modify the file in any way the Hash will not match.

There is only ONE owner of the video copyright who can transfer ownership with the private key.

Imagine all the ways I can build contracts to market and control this video.  I can keep full control, sell limited copies, sell clips or stills from the video, all under software outside the blockchain but register the specific details or rights in individual IPF blockchain transactions.

Because of the copyright in the IPF I can force anyone or service to stop using any part of the video.  If someone copies the video and puts it on YouTube, one call makes YouTube liable if they do not remove the video no matter who posted it.

Below is the List of HlyGrail IPF Patent / Copyrights and updates

HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number bc1qh9q5gasa7vzwymfustn4fjexw8xuw77gckwut4
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 187ckcgWJWfa82mD4nrNLxUChtX5QJCg12
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 1ME8NEZEPhQdrCaLHojFnDDuiXU4joFTAE
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 131Ezi4B7YDnDe4ychvhWgCT7HiVbD9kyc

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