Intellectual Property File (IPF)

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The below information is the clear text decrypted version of the original HlyGrail0.txt. In the event of legal proof the original document can be presented to the court and decryped by the court with the IPF ADDRESS of this document after verifying the OP_RETURN contains the hash of the original encrypted IPF.

The Hash in the OP_RETURN has the Hex of HlyGrail (486c79477261696c) prepended.

Bitcoin Transaction dc997ab339f36fbb5b15ea22bea2e58ef98d273bb0bfcf6dcbbbe270d1b267ef

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Decrypted HlyGrail0 IPF

Patent and copyright for HlyGrail or Holy Grail of Bitcoin
Owner Roger Johnsrud Genus Enterprises

This encrypted file links to and proves the date of copyright/patent of the algorithm for
storing and processing unlimited digital data off the blockchain but verified in the
blockchain.  The algorithm is simple; a bitcoin transaction contains an OP_RETURN that holds
the hash for an encrypted file using one of the transaction inputs, outputs or combination
thereof as the key, preferable with the consumed input bitcoin address that creates the OP_RETURN. 
This simple algorithm can be applied to all alt coins and other transaction systems that operate
similar to Bitcoin.

Files located on http://hlygrail.com

Method 1:

The below demonstrates how to have unencrypted digital data protected with the Blockchain.  This
file could contain links with many files each with their own protecting checksum in this file.
Each checksum inside this encrypted file proves they existed prior to this file. The encryption of
this intellectual property file on the blockchain proves this file existed before the blockchain.

This intellectual property file is hlygrail0.txt (Name not important) Encoded Rijndael-256 mode NCFB
    Key to decrypt is Address 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt
    SHA-256 Checksum for this encrypted file is stored in the OP_RETURN Output of above key address.

HlyGrail document name hlygrail0.pdf (Can be any file that matches the below hash.)

Below is the SHA-256 checksum for the clear text hlygrail0.pdf proving existence.


    File Size 66,263 Bytes

Method 2:

If hlygrail0.pdf were encrypted by the transaction input address with the corresponding
checksum hash in the OP_RETURN, then the encrypted file of hlygrail.pdf would be the
intellectual property file.

If using this method, the encrypted file could literally be a computer algorithm that would be
safe to process after verifying the hash code in the OP_RETURN.  Or it could be a verified block of the
blockchain if you trusted the original encrypting organization.

Method 3:

If hlygrail.pdf were unencrypted, the transaction input address or transaction would be a pointer
to the hlygrail.pdf.  The OP_RETURN could contain the checksum hash and maybe other pointer code.

HlyGrail Patent / Copyright Number 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt

Below is the chain of HlyGrail IPF Patent / Copyrights

HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number bc1qh9q5gasa7vzwymfustn4fjexw8xuw77gckwut4
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 187ckcgWJWfa82mD4nrNLxUChtX5QJCg12
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 1ME8NEZEPhQdrCaLHojFnDDuiXU4joFTAE
HlyGrail Patent/Copyright Number 131Ezi4B7YDnDe4ychvhWgCT7HiVbD9kyc

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