How to Read Transactions

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Before and After

This is a screenshot of the initial HlyGrail0 algorithm transaction.

Not all blockchain explorers will show enough information currently, or in the past but that should change shortly as everyone starts to make IPFs.

At the top is the Transaction Number that is not known when making the IPF but the best way to find the information after the IFP OP_RETURN is created.  Also if you accidently used the same address for two IPFs, the Transaction Number will identify the correct receiving address and OP_RETURN.

The input address was used as the key in some early IPF creations but no longer recommended.

The OP_RETURN is identified differently on different explorers and either shows as OP_RETURN or the Hex Code 6a28.

The Key Address should be a new receive bitcoin address that has never been seen on the blockchain. This is the address you will be spending to when creating the transaction.  It is also the key used to decrypt the IPF and other files in the IPF if encrypted.

HlyGrail is encoded into Hex as 486c794772616c.  It is recommended you use this in front of the hash of your IPF so that software can find it in the future. Also, the word HlyGrail will be human readable on the Explorer.

The Hash Code or Checksum is the SHA256 of your IPF file after encryption if encrypted.

There was an error in the original HlyGrail0 IPF that it was not clear which address is the decrypting address.  The IPF clearly states 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt is the Key and patent.

That was clarified in the HlyGrail1 IPF and since it has been the best practice to use the receiving address as the key for the Patent / Copyright Number because you can search the blockchain for FIRST input to the address and get the associated OP_RETURN.  The best way to find the key is to use the transaction number for the Address and the OP_RETURN.  Of course, you do not know the transaction number when creating the IPF, but it is the best to give software to find the Address and OP_RETURN.

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