Layman Description

Let us use an analogy to describe what HlyGrail is all about.

The Bitcoin blockchain is like the Internet.

Bitcoin is like e-mail.

HlyGrail is like Outlook or Microsoft Mail

HlyGrail is a tool to use bitcoin and the blockchain for very specific purposes.

Imagine you have a picture that you want to copyright but you want people to see and use it.  The picture is what is referred to as the digital data in HlyGrail.

If you placed the picture into an envelop and sign your signature on the envelop, anyone that can verify your signature could verify the picture was in your control.  HlyGrail creates a digital signature of your picture so that anyone can verify the picture belongs to you.  This is like the envelop with your signature on it.

Now you place your envelop into a bank safety deposit box that requires both YOU and the BANK to unlock the box.  As long as you have your key, you can prove you control what is inside the safety deposit box (the envelop with your signature containing the picture).  The bank can verify the date and time you opened the safety box and put stuff in it, but they do NOT know what you put in the box.  HlyGrail uses a bitcoin transaction to secure and prove the date and time you have control of your “Intellectual Property File”.  The Intellectual Property File is like the safety deposit box.  Someone else is verifying (the bitcoin transaction) you had possession of the Intellectual Property File AND whatever was in that file.

The major difference between a safety deposit box and HlyGrail is you can allow anyone to “See your envelop” as if there was a public window into your safety deposit box.  Or you let them in the bank vault with you to look at the picture.

You decide if you want to let them “see” what is in the signed envelop or if you keep it hidden.  You do this with HlyGrail by telling them WHERE the the digital data (your picture) is and showing it to them.

In both cases you can now tell the world about your picture, show it (or a copy) to people and try to get them to pay you for your picture.

If someone says they had the picture first, you can prove the date and time you initially put the picture into the vault OR encoded your time of ownership of the Intellectual Property File into the blockchain.

This is easily done by HlyGrail because anyone can prove the date and time you had control of your Intellectual Property File by using the bitcoin address to decode your Intellectual Property file after verifying your Intellectual Property File signature (hash code) stored in the same bitcoin transaction.

Your Intellectual Property File IS the signature to prove you control the digital data and can open the envelop with your signature to prove you had the picture.

The bottom line is, the base use for HlyGrail is not only to prove your file exists but prove at the time of existence that YOU controlled the information through the Intellectual Property File (safety deposit box).  Yet you can openly or secretly expose the digital data (picture) knowing you can prove it was in your control at the time of recording.

HlyGrail is a patent office without all the government rules, costs and lawyers with no international boarders.  If you ever have a dispute as to who had the picture first, you still need to prove YOUR time of existence (with HlyGrail) compared to others that would have to prove when they had the picture.

HlyGrail uses complex cryptography of the bitcoin blockchain.  There are a lot of requirements to take your files, code for identification into the Intellectual Property File and then code that identification to the blockchain.  Do not worry!  It will not be very long before the author and many more will have simple programs to allow you to easily use the system.