Decode Transaction

Decoding the transaction is based on the image below.  You can click the image for a larger version. This image refers to the transaction for the hlygrail0.pdf and encoded hlygrail0.txt files.  However, the process is always the same.  One address is the key for decrypting a file that proves a clear code or encrypted file of the intended intellectual property file.  The intellectual property file is either the digital data itself or a pointer to the digital data containing the a verifying hash or checksum for a file or files of the digital data.

You need to access some type of viewer for bitcoin transactions.  The view presented in the image below comes from

In the image the Transaction Number is at the top of the page.  This number would commonly be used to point to the address key used for decoding and the hash or checksum held in the OP_RETURN.

The input address or the output address may be the key for decoding the digital data Intellectual Property File.  In this case the output address 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt is used as the key to decoding hlygrail0.txt.

The OP_RETURN is coded as 6a28 if no errors.

HlyGrail is used to identify the HlyGrail algorithm in this case, but it could be an index to a file such as 00000001 to represent Block 0 of the bitcoin blockchain.  If used this way the first eight characters could uniquely represent more than four billion possible items in one coding.  HlyGrail when translated into Hex representation is 486c79477261696c.

The last part of the OP_RETURN code is the SHA-256 hash or checksum of the digital data or intellectual property file we are trying to protect.  It is currently the last 32 characters of the OP_RETURN.  In this case it is for the hlygrail0.txt file and is: 199757C1D42B5BCC16B5B72AF508829D8A2F229F4C241D356142BAD420A6D8C7

If you follow the output of 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt it will chain to the input of 187ckcgWJWfa82mD4nrNLxUChtX5QJCg12 which is the key for hlygrail1.txt.

All you need is to have the encrypted hlygrail0.txt and verify it with the hash code in transaction 199757C1D42B5BCC16B5B72AF508829D8A2F229F4C241D356142BAD420A6D8C7.

Next you decode hlygrail0.txt with Rijndael-256 mode NCFB using the key address 18hsnexG7KGUBtKgYnCS2Zyg59V5CsBPAt.  Someone has to tell you the encoding format, and in this case this website tells you if you click the tab above, HlyGrail0.  Any encrypting will work as long as the person decoding the file knows the algorithms in advance.

Once the hlygrail0.txt file is decoded you can see and prove the hash or checksum for the digital data hlygrail0.pdf to verify it is the protected file or digital asset.

hlygrail0.txt could have been an encoded version of hlygrail0.pdf or any other digital asset directly as long as the encrypted file matched the hash code in the OP_RETURN and can be decoded by the address used with the OP_RETURN.

In the future we will have a website where you present your files and we will create the proper coding to encrypt the file or files and store them on the bitcoin blockchain then return your transaction.

Additionally we will create a program that will return the key and hash for transactions or address so you can verify files you have received that are encrypted with the HlyGrail algorithm.  Of course you can always use a bitcoin block explorer to return the values needed.