The intent of this website is to present HlyGrail or the Holy Grail of Bitcoin, what it is and how it is used.  The website is an information website and not a marketing website so it will be kept basic with little to no images or formatting to make it easier for all devices to be able to access the information.

Each tab has information and sub-titles.  Make sure you click the heading first to find out what is below it.  As example click the HlyGrail0 tab and read the material.  If you just click the drop down for HlyGrail0 you will miss the main information.

In simple terms HlyGrail is a software algorithm that will allow the bitcoin or other altcoin blockchain to become a patent office, escrow company, library of congress, massive parallel programming platform and just about anything requiring digital data that needs to be verified before processing.

The base concept is to use a bitcoin transaction that contains a bitcoin consumed input address or output address, and an OP_RETURN with data that is a hash code which verifies digital data using the bitcoin address as the key for the digital data during encryption.

The date of the transaction is the date of creation and signature for the digital data.

The consumed input bitcoin address or output address is the key used for encryption/decryption of the digital data which can be verified with the OP_RETURN containing a checksum before decryption.

The encrypted data could be the digital data itself or an intellectual property file containing the real digital data location or locations, hash of that file or files, ownership and decryption information such as type of encryption etc.

How the system works was patented / copyright on the blockchain using this system.  Please look at the tabs above: HlyGrail0 and HlyGrail1 for the initial documents and how they were stored.  The documents are available for download and verification but have been duplicated on the two above webpages as submitted to the blockchain.

Finally, notice the transaction output of hlygrail0 links to hlygrail1 transaction.  This is how you could chain information together to create a computer program, chain assets such as bible verses, chain characteristic assets etc.  Hlygrail1 output links to the original application that inspired the need to develop the Hlygrail algorithm.

In addition you can spend in YOUR assets or asset characteristics to show you are somehow connected to that asset such as donating to a specific verse in the bible or your assets to a project without actually disclosing your assets until you have received payment for your assets.